Filipinos appear to be more inclined about career development as they spend an hour to five hours per week on career-related content, a number higher than their Asian peers, according to a market survey conducted by Jobstreet by Seek.

The result was revealed on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, which coincides with the launch of the company’s latest AI invention called “SeekMAX.”

Based on a survey result that says that 60 percent of working Filipinos consume online platforms to network and get up-to-date with updates and trends, SeekMAX looks to establish itself as the “one-stop” online platform.

Speaking on SeekMAX, company officials claim that the AI is absolutely free with limitless access to educational materials that are “tailored for Filipinos”. With insights from various industry experts, the app allows Filipino workforce members to make the most out of their days with multiple opportunities. That is, develop new skills, elevate their careers, and bring satisfaction to their corporate lives.

Part of the survey also is the identification of the top five most sought-after skills in the Philippines—adaptability, digital literacy, interpersonal, time management, and multi-tasking efficiency. These are essential skills that will help Filipinos become globally competitive and outstanding in their careers, according to SEEK Asia’s Chief Growth Officer Yuh Yng Chook.

SeekMAX is also a thriving resource of valuable insights involving Career Advice, Business and Finance, Salary Advice, Language Learning, Industry Trends, Sales and Marketing, Leadership and Management, and Self-Development.

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