Apple fans and tech aficionados are now eagerly anticipating the release of
the Apple iPhone 15 Series, which will officially supersede the
popular Apple iPhone 14 models that hit the market in September 2022.
As the launch date approaches, rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhones
have been steadily pouring in. 
Apple iPhone 15 Series Announcement
The Cupertino Company has already started sending email invites to Apple
users in the Philippines for the livestreaming of its Apple Park event
entitled “Wonderlust” that’s scheduled on
September 13, 2023, 1AM Philippine Time. Apple didn’t specifically
say that it’s for the iPhone 15 Series Launch but the date aligns with the
iPhone 14 Series release in 2022. Hence, I believe that it’s fair to
assume that this announcement will indeed be for the next iteration of the
If you are also based here in the Philippines, you can watch Apple iPhone 15 Series Launch on the abovementioned date and time via
In this round-up, we’ll cover all the exciting details we’ve gathered about
the Apple iPhone 15 Series, from design changes to hardware improvements and
Four Models with Familiar Sizing
Apple is set to continue its tradition of offering a variety of models with
the iPhone 15 Series. Just like the iPhone 14 models, there will be four
options to choose from, maintaining the same screen sizes: two 6.1-inch
models and two 6.7-inch models. Among these, one 6.1-inch iPhone will be the
standard iPhone 15, while one of the 6.7-inch models will be the Apple iPhone 15 Plus. The other two models will be high-end “Pro” versions, likely coming
with a higher price tag with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max being the most expensive.
A Notch-less Future with Dynamic Island
One of the most exciting design changes expected in the iPhone 15 Series is
the abandonment of the notorious notch. All iPhone 15 models are rumored to
feature the Dynamic Island, a concept initially introduced with the iPhone
14 Pro models. This means that all iPhone 15 devices, including the non-Pro ones, will boast a notch-free
design, offering users a more immersive and visually appealing experience.
USB-C Port for All
Another major design shift is the replacement of the Lightning port with a
USB-C port across all iPhone 15 models. This transition is not only
practical but also a response to regulatory requirements in Europe, where
Apple must use USB-C for its devices. With USB-C becoming the standard, it
will be easier for consumers to use a single charging standard for their
Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
Performance Upgrades
Under the hood, the iPhone 15 Series is set to receive performance boosts.
The standard iPhone 15 models will be powered by the A16 chip, an upgrade
from the previous iPhone 14 Pro models. Meanwhile, the Pro models will
feature the faster and more efficient 3-nanometer A17 chips, promising
improved performance and energy efficiency. These chips are expected to
deliver a noticeable difference in processing speed and battery life.
Design Distinctions for Pro Models
The iPhone 15 Pro models will receive exclusive design upgrades. These
include thinner, more curved bezels, a transition from stainless steel to
titanium frames, and a sleeker appearance with a frosted glass back.
Additionally, an “Action” button is rumored to replace the mute switch on
the Pro models, offering users quick access to various functions.
Camera Enhancements
The camera system on the iPhone 15 Series is also poised for improvements.
The standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will feature a 48-megapixel Main
camera with an f/1.6 aperture and a 12-megapixel Ultra Wide camera. While
the Ultra Wide camera remains the same, the Main camera will feature a new
Sony image sensor, promising better image quality.
The real excitement lies in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is rumored to adopt
periscope lens technology for enhanced optical zoom capabilities. This
technology will allow for 5x or even 10x optical zoom, significantly
surpassing the capabilities of previous models.
USB-C and Charging Enhancements
With the shift to USB-C, the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to support
higher-speed data transfers, potentially even Thunderbolt 3 speeds,
providing faster data transfer and video capabilities. Moreover, some models
may support charging speeds of up to 35W, facilitating quicker charging with
compatible power adapters.
Color Choices and Cables
The Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are expected to be available in a total
of five purported colors: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. These
new color options align with previous rumors and renders, featuring a
soft, pastel palette.

Apple iPhone 15 Plus Blue Yellow Pink Pastel
AppleInsider has recently shown viewers their dummy versions of the iPhone 15 in various rumored colorways. Aside from the standard White and Black ones, it is said that the base and Plus models of iPhone 15 will come in Yellow, Blue, and Pink pastel tones.
Among these colors, the black and white options remain consistent with
previous iPhone generations. They feature a glossy back panel and matte
sides. Notably, the white variant sports pure silver sides, while the
black option appears entirely black, as opposed to a dark gray hue.
Recent rumors regarding the iPhone 15 Pro models indicate four potential
colors: Silver, Space Black, Carbide Gray, and – Blue. If this is accurate, then this iPhone Series will be the first ever not to have a Gold variant since the Apple iPhone 5S in 2013.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Blue
AppleInsider has also presented dummy versions of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro in Silver, Carbide Gray, Space Black, and Blue. The Blue colorway is closer to Navy Blue than Royal Blue, which many Apple fans are hoping for.
Apple is also rumored to ship color-matched braided USB-C to USB-C cables
with these devices. These cables may be 50% longer and feature a more
durable design, offering practicality and style.
Release Date and Availability
Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 15 Series at an event tentatively
scheduled for September 13, 2023 1AM PHT with preorders likely starting on
September 15 in key markets around the world. The official launch is
anticipated on September 22, 2023 in Apple’s priority markets, giving
consumers the opportunity to get their hands on these exciting devices.
Stay Tuned For Updates
The Apple iPhone 15 sSries is generating immense anticipation, and with good
reason. From ditching the notch to adopting USB-C and offering significant
performance improvements, these iPhones promise to deliver an exceptional
user experience. While the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to come with
higher price tags, the standard iPhone 15 models are likely to maintain
their current pricing, making the lineup accessible to a wide range of
users. As the release date approaches, Apple enthusiasts and tech lovers can
look forward to experiencing the future of iPhone technology.