Are you a professional in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO) or IT looking for a new company? Here are the best firms in the Philippines you might want to consider.

The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) has released a list of the best BPO and IT companies in the country, which was created in partnership with Great Place To Work, an entity that surveys employees to help employers improve their office culture.

According to IBPAP, the companies listed below were picked based on whether or not every one of their employees, no matter their position, is “having a consistently positive experience at work.” The employers that made it to the list are believed to have created a high-trust workplace culture for their people.



“They maximize their human potential through leadership effectiveness, values, and trust. With these, innovation and financial growth take place,” said Antoniette Mendoza-Talosig, Managing Partner at Great Place To Work Philippines.

The survey was done on 500,000 employees in the IT and BPI sector from July 2022 to May 2023. The data revealed that 94% of the listed companies experience a high-trust work culture, which is only true for 84% of the employees in other organizations.

Top BPO and IT companies in PH

  1. Synchrony Global Services Philippines, Inc.
  2. Accenture, Inc. (Philippines)
  3. Via Appia Philippines, Inc.
  4. Teleperformance Philippines
  5. 3M Global Service Center – Philippines
  6. American Express International, Inc.
  7. Genesys Cloud Services Cayman Ltd.
  8. Genpact Philippines
  9. Asurion
  10. [24] Philippines
  11. Booth and Partners
  12. Navitaire Philippines Inc.
  13. Goodyear Business Services Manila
  14. KMC Solutions
  15. Amadeus Marketing Philippines, Inc.
  16. Connext
  17. ECo Global Consulting, Inc.
  18. Kollab
  19. Tech One Global Phils., Inc.
  20. Tech Mahindra Limited
  21. ADP Philippines, Inc.
  22. Rocket Station
  23. Limitless Connect
  24. J4RVIS
  25. Five9 Philippines, Inc.
  26. Arcanys
  27. HelpGrid
  28. Lexmark Research and Development Corporation
  29. Infinit-O
  30. Cobenn Business Consultancy Services

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