Interested in getting a reliable power solution? Now’s a great time to buy one. BLUETTI is offering massive discounts of up to 59% off for the Prime Day Sale, even for those without an Amazon Prime membership.

From July 11 up to July 14, consumers can purchase BLUETTI products like the EB3A, AC300+B300, and AC180 at highly discounted prices. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure companion or a power source for your home, BLUETTI has everything you need.

AC300 & B300: Powering Your Home and Beyond, ₱179,999, Was ₱249,800, Save ₱69,801

For emergencies and blackouts, you no longer have to worry about the loss of electricity when you have the BLUETTI AC300 power station. It boasts a 3,000W AC output (6,000-watt surge) and supports 16 different outlets. This power station can support the common household appliances from microwaves, refrigerators, and more.

Worried about losing important files when electricity goes out? With the AC300, there’s no need to worry because it’s equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and it can easily switch from electricity to battery in as fast as 20ms.

When you connect the AC300 to 4 B300 expansion batteries, it has a capacity of 12,288Wh, which is enough to supply power to an entire household for days. And with the LiFePO4 batteries inside, it can last for over 3,500 cycles or up to 10 years of use.


AC60 and AC180: Unlock More Outdoor Possibilities

Outdoor activities such as beach camping, hiking, fishing, and more are always fun when you don’t have to worry about power. BLUETTI’s AC180 and AC60 are also IP65 certified, which means that they are water and dust resistant. Weighing at only 20.1lbs, it’s the perfect mix of portability and power capacity. In addition to its 403Wh LFP battery, these models can also be used with B80 expansion batteries for a max capacity of 2,015Wh.

The BLUETTI AC180 is a 1,800W/1,152Wh power station with support for 1,440W fast AC charging and 500W solar charging. It can be charged from 0 to 80% in only 45 minutes. Like its siblings, it’s compatible with B300 and B230 extra batteries for an even bigger capacity.

AC200P: The Perfect Choice for Off-Grid Living, ₱69,999, Was ₱168,800, Save 59%

Traveling in a van or RV? The BLUETTI AC200P is the most fit power station for you. With a massive 2,000Wh battery and 2,000W AC output (4,800-watt surge), the AC200P can power up just about any RV appliance you have on the road. No need to find campsites to get energy, as the AC200P can power your refrigerator to keep food fresh and charge all your gadgets.

Consumers can also top it up quickly with its 700W solar charge, so it’s easier to get connected even when you’re in remote locations. And contrary to fuel generators, the AC200P can be used in cars, tents, and anywhere you are because it doesn’t produce harmful emissions and noise.


EB3A, EB55, and EB70: Portable Power for Camping, from ₱17,599, Save up to 49%

For camping, BLUETTI offers the EB70S, EB55, and EB3A power stations. These models have a range of 268Wh up to 716Wh, which meets every kind of power needs.

Equipped with multiple USB ports, AC ports, car outlets, and wireless charging pads, these power stations can significantly improve your outdoor adventures. For a perspective, the BLUETTI EB3A can fully charge an iPhone 12 for up to 25 times.

The BLUETTI Prime Day Sale is an excellent opportunity for those who want to purchase portable power stations with huge discounts.

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