On June 22, 2023, at the Omniverse Museum located at The Top of the Glo in
Glorietta 2 Mall Makati City, Canon Marketing Philippines officially
introduced the all-new Canon PowerShot V10 to an audience of around
200, consisting of tech bloggers, vloggers, and influencers.
Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10

Canon PowerShot V10 is a camera specifically designed for individuals
accustomed to using smartphones. This new concept camera combines Canon’s
imaging technologies with a slim and ergonomic form factor, allowing for easy
portability while still delivering seamless and high-quality video footage.
You can watch highlights from Canon PowerShot V10’s official launch in the
Philippines via my quick vlog recorded during the event:

“We are thrilled to officially introduce the Canon PowerShot V10 to the
Philippine market. This camera, designed with a focus on video content,
demonstrates Canon’s dedication to providing the best video products that
meet the ever-changing needs of vlogging enthusiasts, content creators,
YouTubers, gamers, and influencers who want to enhance their social media
presence with high-quality videos,” said Benny Yu, Head and Director of
Consumer Imaging and Information (CII) Division at Canon Marketing
(Philippines), Inc.

“With its exciting and unique features, we are confident that the Canon
PowerShot V10, tailored for content creators, will once again become a
popular choice among serious vloggers and everyday content creators,”
concluded Yu.
Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
Canon Marketing Philippines Executives and Canon PowerShot V10 Ambassadors posed for a group photo during the launch of Canon PowerShot V10 in the Philippines.
Cute But Reliably Capable

Compact yet powerful, the PowerShot V10 is a game-changer for video content
creation. Despite its small 9cm size, this camera packs a punch. With its
integrated retractable and tiltable stand, you no longer need to scramble
for makeshift supports to capture the perfect angles. Say goodbye to
unstable shots! Additionally, the built-in large-diameter three-element
microphone ensures crystal-clear, noise-canceling audio, making it ideal for
creating videos with that soothing ASMR effect.

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10, Mark Milan Macanas, TechPinas

Consider it your ultimate 3-in-1 content creation essential, whether you’re
documenting your travel adventures, showcasing breakdancing skills,
experimenting with cinematography, or live streaming from various locations.
This camera conveniently fits into a small bag, alongside your smartphone,
earbuds, and power bank, with plenty of room to spare.

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
Stellar Image Quality

With Canon’s advanced EOS imaging technology along with the 1-inch image sensor, the fairly wide f/2.8 lens aperture, and the DIGIC X processor, the PowerShot V10 delivers
exceptional image quality. Whether you’re shooting in low-light environments
with dim and atmospheric lighting or capturing vibrant colors, this camera
ensures stunning and low-noise footage. Prepare to leave a lasting
impression on your audience with the PowerShot V10’s ability to produce
clear and beautiful videos.
Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
I got to test Canon PowerShot V10 during its local launch and I recorded a
quick vlog using it. One feature that impressed me a lot about this device
is the great sound recording capability of its dual stereo microphones on
top. If you do lots of talking head shots, you can definitely rely on these
microphones to give you great sound recording even when there’s a lot of
background noise.
Here’s my sample 4K 30fps raw vlog entirely recorded using Canon PowerShot V10

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
Canon PowerShot V10 has a 2-inch TFT screen that flips 180° upward, perfect for framing yourself perfectly when recording talking head vlogs. It also has a built-in folding stand that doubles as a handle for convenient, hands-free video recording.

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
When the camera is facing you, on the left side, you will find the built-in micro-HDMI port and the 3.5mm external microphone jack. On the right side, there’s the USB Type C charging port.

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
I was pleasantly surprised that I saw that Canon PowerShot V10 units are made in Japan. The Japanese have always been great gadget builders so I find this reassuring.

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
At the rear of the device, you will find the door for the microSD card slot and the built-in screw mount that’s handy when you need to put the camera on a tripod.
Effortless Content Creation for Everyone
The PowerShot V10 offers a range of shooting modes, including auto and
manual exposure, along with 14 color filters. This ensures that you can
achieve your desired results, regardless of your skill level or the extent
to which you plan to edit your footage. Exploring different camera angles is
made easy with the tilt-type monitor, allowing you to comfortably view and
adjust high and low-angle shots.
Autofocus is a breeze, even for beginners. The Face Tracking AF
automatically detects and keeps your face in frame, while the Specified
Frame AF lets you focus on specific areas by simply tapping on them.
Say goodbye to exposure woes with the new Movie Auto ND filter. It
automatically turns the built-in 3-stop ND filter on or off based on the
ambient brightness. Now, you can effortlessly capture perfectly exposed
transitions from dim indoor settings to sunny outdoor scenes in one seamless

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
The ergonomic vertical grip ensures a comfortable and stable hold for both
right- and left-handed users. It’s perfect for trying out new transitions or
capturing long handheld videos like virtual tours of your travel
Designed for convenience, the lens’ wide angle-of-view allows you to capture
yourself, your friends, and the background behind you without the need for
outstretched arms. It provides a natural and comfortable shooting position.
With 14 aspect ratio markers, you can rest assured that important elements
will always be perfectly framed, even when editing your videos for different
sharing platforms.

Canon PowerShot V10 Philippines, Canon PowerShot V10
Convenient Livestreaming
The PowerShot V10 makes livestreaming a breeze. You can easily livestream to
Facebook or YouTube in real-time using the Camera Connect app, without the
need for complicated settings. Even when you’re on the go, you can simply
tap into your smartphone’s mobile network for seamless livestreaming.
In addition, the PowerShot V10 can also be used as a webcam. With its
plug-and-play USB-C connection, you can quickly set it up as a webcam for
your computer or laptop.
Canon PowerShot V10 Price and Availability in the Philippines

Elevate your social media content and produce outstanding content with the
Canon PowerShot V10, now available locally at a price of PHP 29,998.
As a
special offer, each purchase of the PowerShot V10 includes a FREE SanDisk
64GB Extreme microSD card, known for its fast transfer speeds, optimal
app performance, and compatibility with 4K UHD videos. Additionally, you
will also receive a FREE DVL KAIROS BAG from Straightforward. Please note
that this exclusive package is only available while supplies last.

To get your hands on the Canon PowerShot V10, visit any Canon Image
Square, Concept Store, Canon Online Flagship Store, or select authorized
dealers nationwide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your
content creation capabilities with the Canon PowerShot V10.