One of the board game’s most iconic franchises, Monopoly, is finally going digital as Monopoly Go releases on mobile. A word about the launch came after Habro Inc. and Scopely announced.

Described as the reimagining of the original board game that has become a household name across the globe, Monopoly Go is making the franchise accessible to almost everyone by bringing the title to the palm of their hands. It also comes with new features and game modes that will make the game fresh.

Still a very social game despite the mobile treatment, it encourages play with other people, whether to do so cooperatively with, trade with, or compete against, which includes stealing from opponents via bank heist.

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Like the classic board game itself, players can choose their unique Monopoly token to represent themselves with, be it a racecar or a hat.

For added replay value, Monopoly Go offers more than 100 game boards for players to explore. Each game board of which containing unique landmarks that players can choose to upgrade and add to their status symbol.

Monopoly is certainly a game for players with a competitive spirit. But with Go, the opposite is also true as it features co-op, such as the Community Chess mini-games that allow players in groups to reap money and rewards for their hard work.

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