For only ₱1,500 a month, you can now enjoy browsing with Internet speeds reaching 200 Mbps on Converge’s improved FiberX Plan 1500 with “Doble Na, Dinoble Pa!” speed increase.

Under the new max speed, FiberX Plan 1500 now offers an average speed of 160 Mbps and a minimum speed of 60 Mbps, with 80 percent service reliability. For ₱500 more, you can have FiberX Plan 2000 with up to 400 Mbps. Converge’s 1 Gbps broadband plan, meanwhile, currently costs ₱7,499 a month.

Below is a list of the current available Converge Fiber plans along with their max speeds. All plans have no data cap.

  • FiberX 1500 – 200Mbps
  • FiberX 2000 – 400Mbps
  • FiberX 2500 – 600Mbps
  • FiberX 3500 – 800Mbps
  • FiberX 7499 – 1Gbps

Before the announcement of the latest speed boost, Converge previously permanently doubled the max speed of its FiberX Plan 1500 from 50Mpbs to 100Mpbs back in June 2022. Later in November, existing subscribers of FiberX Plan 1500 also received free speed boosts to 200 Mbps.

For comparison, competitors Globe and PLDT currently offer speeds of up to 200Mbps with their GFiber Unli 1699 and Fiber Unli Plan 1699, respectively.

If you’re looking for other internet providers, check out the Fiber plans available in the Philippines here.

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