While instant messaging is a more convenient way to communicate with someone, going the email route is still important in case you want to be more formal and professional.

But one big problem that most email users have is junk email — the type of emails you get that are not important or don’t really need your attention, as they only flood your inbox and clutter it. In some cases, it might even make you miss important ones.

Such emails come from signing up for a new account on different platforms, or when you give out your email to register for an event. On times like this, it’s best to use a burner email, a.k.a an email address only used for junk, so they don’t mess with your primary one.


Creating an email just for these purposes can take some time — time that’s not worth it to spend since they are disposable. As a simple solution, here are some services that will help you with that.


FREE temporary and burner email services



Instead of spending a lot of time creating an email account from Gmail, Outlook, and other platforms, services like EmailOnDeck lets you create a disposable account in just two easy steps: Confirm that you’re human, and boom, you can now have your burner email address.

The service is free and lets you create and receive messages. Received messages are kept for “most of the day.” The service regularly clears mail logs, so you can instantly see if you’re expecting something important.

You can visit their website here: https://www.emailondeck.com

Temp Mail


This website can give you an anonymous, temporary, and disposable email address for free, without the need to register for an account.

Although unlike the first one, it doesn’t let you send emails, but it doesn’t automatically delete the temporary email address. In addition, the received emails are stored for about 2 hours before they are gone.

Temp Mail is available on both iOS and Android, or through their website: https://temp-mail.org/en/



As the name suggests, this service will automatically delete the email and the address in just 10 minutes. It also allows you to send emails as well. This is great if you need to verify an email address for an account.

But in case the 10 minutes is not enough and you’re waiting for an important message, you can tap the “Give me 10 More Minutes” button to reset the timer.

It’s so fast and easy that the burner email is readily available and the timer immediately starts when you access the website here: https://10minutemail.com

Guerilla Mail


Another great way to get a burner email for account creation on unimportant platforms, Guerilla Mail lets you use a disposable email to receive verification codes and compose emails in case you’re required to reply.

The emails will then be deleted after one hour, which should be more than enough time for most use cases. You can get a burner email for free here: https://www.guerrillamail.com

Hide My Email on iOS, MacOS, iPadOS

Apple’s Hide My Email feature allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to get random email addresses when they create an account on different platforms. It lets you create different addresses and reply to emails as much as you want.

However, unlike the other services in this list, this one isn’t free as it requires an iCloud+ subscription. Once you do, go to your device’s Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Hide My Email > Create New Address.

These are the ways you can create a burner or disposable email address to declutter your primary inbox. Have any suggestions? Share it with us in the comments section.

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