The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) recently plans for the eGov PH super app to become interoperable to allow easier access to various government services in the country.

DICT is currently searching for beta testers for their said plan to assess whether the various systems are running smoothly.

There are about 175 websites that Filipinos can access to obtain government services, such as the issuing of IDs or certificates. DICT aims to make it easier for Filipinos through its interoperability objective.

According to DICT undersecretary David L. Almirol, Jr., during the Alliance of Tech Innovators for the Nation (ATIN) launch held last April 12, why not integrate information such as first, middle, and last names in every website when you can do it all in one app?

The app will contain various modules, with individual departments managing their respective mandates. Almirol further comments that this effort will ensure security for Filipinos, especially when inputting personal information.

While DICT will not interfere with individual government services and mandates, they assure their guidance to accomplish this objective in the near future.

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