Dota 2’s gameplay update 7.33, aka “New Frontiers”, has been released. And it’s huge!

The free-to-play MOBA game’s map is now 40 percent bigger and adds several new points of interest. First off, Roshan now resides at two new pits at the northwest and southwest corners of the map. Near these two pits are portals called Twin Gates for quick teleportation as well as Lotus Pools for restoring health and mana.

Meanwhile, two mini-bosses called Tormentors can now be found behind the offlane areas. When these are killed, an allied hero will be granted an Aghanim’s Shard buff. Elsewhere in the map, players will also find two new runes, two outposts, and 12 creep camps. The bases now also have Defender’s Gates that let allied players through while keeping enemies out.


While the new map offers more exploration, Valve says the core objective of Dota 2 remains unchanged. Distances between lanes are the same, and the objectives needed for victory are still located at the center of the map.

In addition, the New Frontiers update also introduces a fourth hero attribute type—Universal—with several existing heroes moved to this type. Several new items have also been added, while some existing ones have been reworked. Heroes have also been balanced, with Muerta, Clinkz, Arc Warden, and Ogre Magi among those that received major changes.

These are just some of the major changes the update has introduced. For more details, check out the official New Frontiers page. A full list of patch notes for 7.33 is also available.

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