EdgePoint Infrastructure’s local arm is aiming to double its mobile network tower asset in the next five years to improve the 5G coverage that will address the growing demand for data usage in the Philippines.

Suresh Sidhu, EdgePoint’s CEO, said in an interview that they “probably could double in five years, just taking into account how many sites will be here,” basing on their history.

He added that they will “gladly do it faster” if they can.


EdgePoint, with its local subsidiary Comworks Infratech Corp., made it to the Philippine market after it purchased PLDT’s 2,934 towers worth Php35 billion back in April.

As of writing, 2,232 towers have been transferred to Comworks. The whole deal shall be completed within the first half of 2023.

Also, Comworks is slated to build 750 towers for PLDT within the next two to three years, each costing around USD100,000 (around Php5.6 million) to USD130,000 (Php7.3 million).

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The company projects that the Philippines should build 2,000 to 4,000 tower sites per year to help keep up with the growing demand. With this, Sidhu said that their main focus is to build towers.

Comwork’s core business is building sites and colocating infrastructures, which could benefit local operators and ISP players. Sidhu said that they are currently in talks with more operators for colocating partnerships, which will allow locators to save up to 10 percent per year.

Colocation services are part of the Philippine government’s common tower policy, which promotes independent tower companies that build shared tower infrastructure so operators and ISPs can expand their networks faster and more efficiently. Plus, it translates to better energy efficiency.

Source: Inquirer.net

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