Watch the video and keep the following in mind:

  • Red Arrows on Green, Green arrows on red
  • Learn to differentiate between bounces and breakouts!
  • Quickly enter and exit. If you have to take a slight loss, it’s fine. The next one will be better.
  • If you’re trading on 2-10 minute intervals, think about taking profit at $50-100 gain per BTC. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and it’ll go up further, but don’t get greedy.
  • If you’re trading on 30+ minute intervals, gains can be much higher but triggers are far and few in between.
  • Using higher intervals to guide you on the lower ones is not necessary for this strategy. Before, we have said use weekly triggers to guide you on trading on daily. Although this can help, it’s not necessary. If you do use the higher intervals to guide you, it can be much safer. We personally don’t though.

Click here for the same Chart setup like on the video:
Realtime alerts for this strategy:

:Giorgi of Aurox