Running out of money? You can now borrow as low as Php100 from GCash using GLoan Sakto.

In partnership with Fuse Lending, GCash offers the GLoan GSakto feature that allows users to access loans ranging from Php100 to Php500. In a press briefing, Fuse Lending CEO Tony Isidro said these “sakto” loans are meant for addressing daily necessities while reducing dependence on loan sharks and informal lenders with ridiculously high interest rates.

Access to GLoan Sakto Loan depends on the eligibility of the GCash user. To avail of the service, you must be a Filipino citizen aged 21 to 65 years old with a fully verified GCash profile. You must also be devoid of fraudulent transactions as well as have a good GScore—your internal rating on GCash based on your activities and use of the features.


As a short-term loan, GLoan Sakto is due in 14 or 30 days as a one-time payment. The loan has no interest rate, but users must pay a processing fee that ranges from Php6.5 to Php75. The loan, if approved, is sent to the borrower’s GCash wallet within 24 hours.

For a bigger amount, the standard GLoan that lets users borrow anywhere from Php1,000 to Php125,000, with payment terms of 5 to 24 months and a monthly interest rate of up to 6.57% depending on eligibility and chosen terms.

GLoan Sakto Loan is gradually rolling out, and eligible users will receive a notice from GCash about the feature. More information about GLoan GSakto is available at the GCash Help Center.

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