Scholars who are looking to bring their skills to the next level by being able to put their talent into an actual real-world application, and get paid in the process, will have to look no further than the GitHub Octernships program.

Through the program, students with the ability to develop practical solutions through software development can put their skills to the test by engaging with companies across the globe, being guided by experienced people in the field, and taking job prospects that turn their passions into a career.

What exactly is GitHub Octernships program?

Essentially an equivalent of on-the-job training (OJT), but so much more, Octernships offer hands-on experiences and the opportunity to apply students’ skills on various projects that help foster their broad range of software development skills—including design, documentation, open source projects, and testing.


But even the most talented of programmers are still constrained to their present limitations. To overcome this problem, the program incorporates the chance for scholars to get essential mentorship from industry experts, gain exposure to like-minded individuals by working with them and establish business partnerships with potential employers via a roster of partners in the program. 

One of the better things that the Octernships program does versus real-life OJTs is that it works completely remotely. This meant that wherever the student may be in the real world, all the good opportunities that the scheme present is completely accessible, and conveniently so.

As students put in all the effort required to learn and grow, the program compensates them with a stipend, according to the number of projects they are enrolled in. This implies that real-talented individuals on the list of the program can be a part of multiple projects at a time and subsequently be paid off for each of them.


On its initial run, the GitHub Octernships program proved to be a viable solution to building the next generation of software developers that institutions the world over can use for real-world applications. Not only do the scholars find the boost to give them a leg up towards a wanted future career, but even business organizations are also finding it a boon to come across hidden talents among the pool of budding programmers.

How to apply for the GitHub Octernships program

For a student to become a member of the GitHub Octernships program, they must currently reside in one of these 10 countries: Colombia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. However, this list is also expected to grow over time.

Furthermore, the scholar must also be verified on Global Campus, has active contributions on GitHub, and have a proactive approach to actively seek open projects with the program to apply. Learn more about the program here.

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