We’ve seen tons of innovation in smartphone processors, cameras, displays, charging, and more. However, we rarely see improvements in one of the main areas that actually matter: battery.

HONOR stepped in and has introduced a new, industry-first solution: silicon-carbon battery. Compared to the current lithium technology that uses graphite, this new one promises a 12.8% higher energy density.



So, what does it mean? Say, the new HONOR Magic 5 Pro has a standard 5,100mAh capacity. But with silicon-carbon, it can reach 5,450mAh.

HONOR didn’t provide a detailed explanation of how it works. However, they did show some graphs that are quite easy to understand.


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The company said that once a battery drops to 3.5 volts, the lithium battery wouldn’t have much left. But with a silicon-carbon material, it will still have more as it has 240% higher capacity. That is an overall 12.8% improvement over the current technology.

The best part is, we might don’t have to wait a long time to see this technology working. It is said that the Magic 5 Pro sold in China already has a 5,450mAh battery while the international version only has 5,100mAh.

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