One of the biggest evolution in the Philippine telco scene is the passage of the Mobile Number Portability law, which finally allowed Filipinos to switch between mobile carriers while keeping the same number.

The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) law has been a long-time coming until it was finally passed in 2021. The goal is to make it easier for Filipinos to switch to a telco that has better promos or services that fit their needs while keeping the same contact number for their friends, family, and colleagues.

What’s more, the Philippine government has made sure that the entire MNP process, or the switching of networks, is completely free. However, there are a couple of things you should process to accomplish it.


One of them is getting the USC or the Unique Subscriber Code, which is actually the first thing you need before you can begin the process of switching networks. Today, we’ll teach you what it is and how you can get it from Smart, Globe, and DITO. Let’s begin.


What is USC and where to get it?

The USC, which stands for Unique Subscriber Code, is a 9-digit code that you have to get from your current telco before you can switch networks.

Getting your USC essentially checks if your mobile number is eligible for telco switching.

How long is the validity of USC?

The USC is only valid for fifteen (15) days from the date it was issued. That’s more than two weeks, so make sure you immediately start the SIM switching process.

How to get USC from Smart/TNT?


Method 1: Book an in-store or virtual appointment on Smart’s website:

On the scheduled date, present your mobile number so they can check if it’s eligible for mobile switching. Once confirmed, they should provide you with the 9-digit USC.

Method 2: Instead of booking an appointment, you can also try an impromptu visit to a Smart Store to see if they have a slot then ask a representative for assistance to get your USC.

How to get USC from Globe/TM?


Method 1: Book an in-store appointment on Globe’s website:

Visit the store on the said date and provide your mobile number to check if you’re eligible for switching and get your USC.

Method 2: You can try a walk-in visit to Globe stores during non-peak hours as you may have a chance to get a slot even without reserving online. A bit risky, but it’s an option if you’re already at the mall or any nearby area.

How to get USC from DITO?


Unlike Globe and Smart, getting a USC from DITO is actually the easiest. Instead of physically going to a physical store, all you have to do is call the DITO hotline 185 and request your USC.

What to do after getting USC?

Once you have secured your USC, you can now start the process of switching networks through Mobile Number Portability. You can check the complete process here. After you’ve successfully switched networks, don’t forget to register your SIM card if you haven’t already.

Those are the ways you can get the USC (Unique Subscriber Code) from Globe, Smart, TM, TNT, and DITO, so you can switch. Have you tried the process? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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