Unlocking an agent in Valorant is a hassle. New players are at a disadvantage, as they start with five unlocked agents and must spend at least 14 hours of game time to grind enough in-game currency. And that’s just for one agent. If your time is too valuable for the daily grind, consider immediately unlocking all Valorant agents through the Xbox Game Pass.

It’s quite easy. Just head on to the Xbox Game Pass link page at Riot Games to get started. Basically, all you need to do is grant Riot Games permission to link and access your Xbox profile, and then get a Game Pass subscription if you don’t have an active one. Once you launch Valorant, you’ll be notified that you’ve unlocked all agents. No more grinding needed.


We’ve also enumerated the exact steps on how to link your Xbox account on a similar guide for League of Legends. That’s right, the benefits you get with Microsoft’s gaming subscription are across multiple Riot Games titles. Plus, for Php119 a month (which happens to be one of the cheapest prices for the Game Pass in the world), you get access to hundreds of other games while your subscription lasts.

Note that the agents only remain unlocked while your Game Pass subscription has not expired. During that time, you should take advantage of another benefit from linking your accounts—the XP boost. It’s bonus XP you get from playing matches and will significantly help progress your battle pass, event pass, and active agent contracts faster.

That last one means a way to permanently unlock new agents faster than if you were playing for free. Even better, the XP boost may also stack with other boosts available in the game. Value-wise, any serious Valorant player will agree that this is the best way to unlock agents.

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