Anime and mecha fans, you have one more year to see the moving giant Gundam statue in Japan before it closes down for good.

Initially set to cease operations in March 2023, the so-called “Moving Gundam” startup experiment at the Gundam Factory Yokohama will remain open as a tourist attraction until March 31, 2024. That’s a full one-year extension for eager fans who have yet to see the spectacle.


If you may recall, this full-scale Gundam figure was being built and eventually opened to the public in 2020. But due to the global health crisis, fans from all the around the world were prevented from seeing the giant robot in person. It was only later in 2022 that Japan fully opened its doors again to international visitors.

Two tickets are available at the Gundam Factory Yokohama website. There’s the basic entrance ticket for access to the academy, gift shop, café and the rest of the general area. It’s priced at ¥1,650 for adults, or around ₱680. But if you want to have a closer look at the giant robot itself, you’ll have to get both the entrance ticket and the viewing ticket. The latter is priced at ¥3,300 for adults, or approximately ₱1,340.

The Gundam Factory Yokohama facility is currently open from 11AM to 8PM during weekdays except Tuesdays, with the last admission available at 7PM. It opens an hour earlier during weekends and holidays. Note that the schedule may change for maintenance and other reasons.

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