Gogolook, the developer behind Whoscall, has recently
appointed Mel Migriño as the Southeast Asia Regional Director for
Information Security and Regulatory Alliance and Philippines Country
In this significant role, Migriño will take charge of fostering relationships
with key stakeholders in the region, including government agencies,
regulators, and industry associations, to enhance Gogolook’s ability to offer
top-notch services. She will also oversee the development and execution of
Gogolook’s information security and regulatory strategy. 
Mel Migriño, Whoscall, Gogolook
As Gogolook’s Country Representative, she will collaborate closely with teams
to forge partnerships and formulate strategies for expanding Whoscall’s
presence in both the private and public sectors, amplifying the visibility and
impact of the Scam Free Pilipinas campaign.
Mr. Jeff Kuo, CEO of Gogolook, expressed enthusiasm about Mel joining
the team. According to him, “We are excited to welcome Mel to the Gogolook
team. Mel is a highly respected and experienced information security leader
with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape in Southeast Asia. She
is a valuable asset to our team and will play a key role in helping us to grow
our business in the region, while bringing our anti-fraud solutions to the
next level.”
With more than two decades of experience in cybersecurity in Southeast Asia,
Mel Migriño has held leadership positions across various industries, earning
numerous international cybersecurity accolades. She is also a prominent
advocate for women’s rights and gender equality in the cybersecurity field,
holding leadership roles in organizations dedicated to these causes.
Mel Migriño will be based in Manila, reinforcing Gogolook’s global talent pool
and establishing the company’s presence in the Philippines as they introduce
Whoscall’s caller-ID service in the country. She expressed her anticipation
for joining Gogolook during this pivotal phase, highlighting the company’s
commitment to “Build for Trust” and its mission to combat fraud globally. She
also welcomed collaboration from the government and businesses in tackling
fraud, particularly in the Philippines.
About Mel Migriño
Mel Migriño is a respected information security leader with extensive
knowledge of digital risks and regulatory landscapes in Southeast Asia. With
over two decades of experience in information security, risk management, and
business development, she has worked across various industries.
About Gogolook
Gogolook, established in 2012, is a leading TrustTech company with a core
value of “Build for Trust.” The company aims to create a global anti-fraud
network driven by AI and data, as well as provide Risk Management as a
Service. Gogolook collaborates with various institutions, including law
enforcement agencies, to combat fraud and build a trustworthy communication
network in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
About Whoscall
Whoscall, with over 100 million downloads and a massive database of over 2.6
billion numbers, offers users features like unknown number identification,
spam number blocking, and suspicious message filtering. The service uses AI
technology to prevent fraud, alerting users to potentially malicious calls and
ensuring they don’t miss important ones. Whoscall’s presence extends across
East Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.