A new entry into the longstanding franchise, Minecraft, is finally released, which brings the old familiar game along with something new to offer—Minecraft Legends.

In Minecraft Legends, players take the shoes of a legendary hero that brought the inhabitants of Overworld together in a fight against the nefarious piglins and their invasion.

While the stereotypical hero is often portrayed as an all-powerful figure, in Minecraft Legends, the real power comes with the creatures that accompany you, as a hero. Where a mob previously known to the player base as enemies or beings to be wary of becomes an ally, the key to victory against the piglins lies in the same critters you bring along with your journey. Knowing that different allies come with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, the key to winning is also in understanding who is best to accompany you in certain struggles.

But with the piglins already stepped foot in the Overworld, the valiant hero and his allies are put on the defensive, which typically meant defending villages against the horde. In other cases, this also meant going on an offense to defend, such as raiding and destroying piglin bases.

Minecraft Legends is not a real entry into the series without a sense of survival element to it. With that in mind, the game incorporates traditional elements that are true to the franchise, such as the gathering of resources, inventory management, and even the creation of things or structures that aid in your prolonged—if not victorious—existence in the Overworld.

Exploring the Overworld in Legends is interesting enough in itself, but with procedurally-generated mechanics, the experience feels always new and fresh—not to mention, rewarding.

Minecraft Legends is now playable on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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