The National Economic and Development Authority released an online tool that gives the public a transparent look at existing Infrastructure Flagship Projects (IFPs), according to Secretary Arsenio Balisacan.

Dubbed the Infrastructure Flagship Projects Dashboard, it is an interactive tool that provides insight into 194 ongoing IFPs, including their status, sector distribution, cost requirements, mode of financing, and regional location.

Making the dashboard to be as user-friend as possible, the IFPD offers a user guide that allows for easy navigation, exploration, analysis, and audit of IFPs data.

Balicasan said that their agency is anticipating finding significant importance in the IFPs Dashboard in improving public-sector transparency as said projects undergo monitoring. Additionally, the platform is also expected to foster accountability among the agencies involved, driven also by their mandated role of providing updates to NEDA concerning the status of their IFPs every quarter.


Amid its recent implementation, the IFPs Dashboard will be providing status updates about the existing 194 IFPs as of Q1 2023, setting a precedent for the benchmark of future projects.

With only a month before Q3 2023 hits, data collection for the second quarter of 2023 is already in progress, the result of which will be demonstrated to NEDA and the Committee on Infrastructure by mid-August.

Although a number of the ongoing projects are already near completion, Balicasan said that others remain under further discussion, planning, and preparation for their successful implementation. Said projects are known for their sophisticated nature, considering their magnitude and intricacies.

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