Here’s a scenario: you’re gaming heavily and your smartphone starts to run out of juice. You plug the charger, and try to continue playing, but have been hindered by frame drops as your device starts overheating. This problem is what OPPO is trying to fix with its new 45W Liquid Cooler.

During the recent MWC 2023, the OPPO 45W liquid cooler was demoed with the company claiming that it can drop the smartphone’s temperature by up to 13°C. What’s more, it actually charges the device at the same time.


Mind you, though, as this one is not that portable. That’s because the puck that attaches to your phone is wired to the liquid-cooled radiator.

Having a separate dissipation pump means that it does a better job of cooling your smartphone compared to other cooling solutions we’ve seen before. Plus, this means that the fan is far from your phone thus illuminating noise.


The 45W refers to the power of the liquid cooler as the charging speed is only up to 10W.

From what it looks like, the device will come with special spring-loaded clips. This means that you can use it on pretty much anything: laptops, tablets, or any surface that needs cooling.

The main unit comes with buttons that let you adjust the cooling intensity and enable wireless charging.

OPPO is yet to announce the pricing and availability for its 45W liquid cooling.

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