Committed to making the experience better for Filipino gamers when playing League of Legends and its tabletop sibling Teamfight Tactics, Riot announced its plans of installing new servers in the Philippines.

To lower the ping when playing either LoL or TFT to just around 15 to 25ms, Riot Games said that it is already working on a partnership with local companies to bring game servers to Manila.

Confident in the effort to enhance the quality of the experience, the game developer has claims for some “notable improvements” throughout the country. But it could also see more improvement for those residing in central Manila as the ping is anticipated to go lower than 15ms.

Fans of either of the two games do not have to wait too long, however, as the assurance of an “improved connectivity” could take effect as early as mid-August. A process that will automatically roll out by itself, without requiring any additional step on the part of the players.


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True enough, Riot also said that its teams are already hands-on in deploying the Philippine servers and are in the process of conducting tests as well as checks.

What makes the entire procedure even more convenient among players is that there will be no downtime while the technical team is doing its work. That is, insinuating that players will not be interrupted with their gaming engagement as the upgrade subsequently does its magic in the background.

The Riot Games team, however, will not be completely independent about the entire procedure as they also expect some user feedback, too, as they go along.

As Riot fulfills its promise of an upgrade, it marks as yet another addition to servers that already exist in the country, since the developer’s move to self-publish its highly-acclaimed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title.

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