One of the funniest and most nostalgic game shows of the late ’80s, Takeshi’s Castle, is getting a Filipino reboot.

The Takeshi’s Castle Pinoy reboot will come before the year 2023 ends through the streaming platform Prive Video.

If you’ve been living under a rock or a Gen Z, the show’s premise is forcing contestants to face physical challenges, ending with a “cart battle”, to become the titular general.



Takeshi’s Castle is coming back in an eight-episode season with dubs that has better translations and script that has elements that will better tickle Filipino audiences.

The reboot will also feature new hosts called the three “Mariteses” that mimic the neighborhood gossip culture in the Philippines. The three actors playing the said characters are yet to be known, but they will apparently use a fake sari-sari store as a set for a real kapitbahay vibe.

Prime Video is yet to announce the official launch date for the Takeshi’s Castle reboot, so stay tuned for that.

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