Feeling nostalgic for the iPod? Apple may have discontinued its line of portable media players, but the legacy lives on. Case in point, a software engineer created a web app that acts as an emulator for the iPod Classic, and it lets you play Apple Music and Spotify too.

With Tanner Villarete’s web app, which you can try yourself at tannerv.com/ipod, you can relive the days of using an iPod Classic. The emulator fully mimics the look and design of the portable media player, complete with the iconic click-wheel interface that you can use to navigate through menus and choose options.

To play music on the emulator, you must first sign in using your Apple Music or Spotify Premium account. It only takes a couple of steps, which include granting the emulator permission to access your account data.

To sign in, open the menu, select Settings, select Sign In, and choose Apple Music or Spotify. Follow the next instructions for your chosen music streaming service.


Once you are connected, the emulator will then fetch your saved tracks and display them under Playlists, though you can also view tracks by artists and albums. A search function is also available if you feel like discovering and listening to new music. The search fortunately detects keyboard presses, as I found tapping on the emulated click wheel to search for new songs a bit fiddly.

Villarete implemented a few more features in his iPod Classic emulator beyond music playback. If you feel like playing, check out the Brick game that offers the same experience of the good ol’ Brick Breaker. Under Settings, you can also choose two additional device themes besides the default silver color—black and the U2 Edition.

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