Analytics firm IDC has released the top 5 PC companies in the Philippines for the third quarter of 2022 in terms of PC shipments.

However, IDC noted that the PC shipments in the Philippines “continued to slump” as it experienced a 19.8% year-over-year (YoY) and 11% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) decline with a total of 565,000 units shipped in Q3.



IDC said that there had been a 7.6% annual growth in desktop shipments because of the “knock-on effects of companies returning to their respective offices.”

However, there had been a huge 29.5% YoY decline in notebook shipments due to the “weakened demand from market saturation and inflation effects on the average buyer.”

According to IDC, PCs priced in the USD600 (~Php33,400) and USD1,000 (~Php55,800) range are still a huge hit to Filipinos as they offer “optimal price-to-performance ratio”.


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That said, the list of top 5 PC companies for Q3 2022 in the Philippines is still led by the Acer Group at 22.9%, followed by Lenovo at 19.8%, HP at 13.5%, ASUS at 12.4%, and Dell 8.7%. Laptop brands that didn’t make the top list collectivity owned 22.7% of the market.

IDC noted that the final quarter can be challenging for vendors, especially during the holiday season. This is due to consumers shifting their spending priorities to other goods and services.

Source: IDC

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