Being one of the leading innovators in the mobile industry, vivo is set to introduce another first-of-its-kind smartphone technology in the Philippines soon. A week after the company teased a smartphone with a new way to level up mobile photography, it looks like vivo will not disappoint.

Before March ends, vivo fans will finally meet another smartphone masterpiece: #TheAuraPortraitMaster. Recognized for its impressive mobile photography technologies, the company created the new V27 series as a go-to device for content creators, photography enthusiasts, and more.

So, what are the things to get excited about? Here is what you need to know about the new vivo V27 series and why itis called as “The Studio in Your Pocket.”

Aura Light Portrait System that can light up your Aura

While most people barely see it, Aura is essentially the unique quality or energy that a person radiates. You can take this energy to a whole new level with the Aura Light Algorithm found on the vivo V27 series. A feature that fans will undoubtedly love, it will enable users to immortalize their best aura anytime, anywhere.

More than just a play of lights, the Aura Portrait Algorithm is an entirely new innovation that came from vivo’s mastery of the art of photography.

A true masterpiece created to capture professional photos and images, the V27 series is equipped with an additional studio-quality light source, a larger ultra-sensing camera, and more advanced portrait modes — all packed in a compact body.

This new innovation brings vivo’s full set of portrait algorithms like intelligent brightness and color adjustments and bokeh prowess for improved image processing. Imagine taking a photo with the same quality as your favorite magazine cover with only your smartphone — no expensive camera needed. The Aura Light Portrait System’s ability to make skin tones look more vibrant and facial details more defined allows you to take images with clearer and more natural output.


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Professional lenses to power up your smartphone

It’s no surprise that the vivo V27 series come with professional lenses considering that the company has partnered with some of the global leaders in the photography industry.

More than the lenses, the vivo V27 series is also equipped with a better Sony IMX766V sensor for improved image quality from good lighting scenarios and even more low-light scenes — thus making it a Studio in your Pocket.

Enter your vlogger era with superior image mobility

As if having professional lenses and studio-quality lighting are not enough, the vivo V27 series has more features that a Studio in your Pocket should have.

It’s no secret that motion plays an important part in photography. To cover that, the new V series debuts a more advanced OIS+EIS Dual Stabilization Technology — a feature that used to be exclusive to its more premium X series.

This advanced stabilization feature perfectly complements the V27 series’ camera capabilities, so you can easily capture in-motion photos and videos for fun and spontaneous photoshoots right in your pocket.


Strut with an impressively stylish and unique device

More than high-quality innovations, for many years, vivo fans have referred to the brand for also coming up with visually-appealing designs.

For the vivo V27 series, the brand has introduced a new and unique color to go with their distinct looks. Due to its cool tone, the new Emerald Green colorway — partnered with vivo’s own Photochromic 2.0 technology — provides an eye-catching and stunning look to the new V series.

What’s more, this new Studio in your Pocket boasts an ultra-thin body and the thinnest 3D curved display in the vivo V series history — all of these innovations will give users a more comfortable and ergonomic grip.

Keep your eyes peeled on vivo’s official FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube pages for the price and availability of the new V27 series.

This article was published by NoypiGeeks in partnership with vivo Philippines.

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