Third telco DITO Telecommunity has signed a deal with ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications company, to power the former’s data center in Batangas.

The DITO Super Core data center in Batangas is of Uptime Tier III design standard, making it the first in the Philippines to pass such certification. It was built to improve the telco’s digital infrastructure and data services.



DITO created the data center to focus on the security of its network transmissions via resiliency against natural disasters.

Moreover, the data center will try to address the concerns in the telco industry regarding environmental protection and energy efficiency.

ZTE will then offer its expertise in the construction of the data center. The Chinese company will offer its iDCIM Intelligent Management System technology to make it energy efficient, as well as its micro-module solutions that will make deployment fast and within the standard.


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President Wan Min of ZTE Philippines likens the DITO Super Core Data Center to “the heart of the body” as only a “safe and healthy beating heart” can support a company. He added that the facility will utilize advanced and innovative technology. Min highlighted that the data center is “truly reliable” thanks to its multi-level protections.

Since its commercial rollout, DITO already has over 12 million subscribers that takes advantage of its handful of prepaid promos.

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