There’s no magic in easily earning online, you have to put effort into it.
There are many ways to earn online, but what I’m about to share with you is how websites earn.

Have you ever wondered how websites like Facebook earn and actually become one of the world’s Fortune Companies with a revenue of $26 billion per quarter?


Facebook earns by showing you advertisements. If you see a page you haven’t liked with a “Sponsored” label on it, Facebook showed it to your Newsfeed coz a certain company paid them so you could see it.

Now you know how the business works, you can actually try to imitate it, somehow.

First is you have to build a website. Sounds hard? Well no, there are lots of Content Management Systems to help you out like WordPress or Joomla. CMS is for non-techie people to easily build websites.

Explore how their sites work and once you built your own website, create an account in Google Adsense.

Most of the steps for integrating Adsense into your site are on-screen instructions from Adsense, so make sure to follow them. To be approved from the Adsense program, you must meet Google’s eligibility requirements. Based on my personal experience, your page must have a Home page and most importantly, a Post page. Google doesn’t seem to like websites with static content. You may get rejected at first, but Google will let you know how to fix them.