The Bachelor of Science in Esports focuses on the back-end or the business of esports. This program comprises track in Esports Management and Game Design and Development grounded on the fundamental knowledge of esports. The program prepares the students to develop business plans, organize and coach teams, plan and implement events utilizing live streaming, and promote events via digital technology. With the fast-growing billion-dollar industry, the workforce opportunities within the esports ecosystem have a growing demand for professionals with passion and knowledge of the esports industry. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Esports will explore the culture of esports, and experience opportunities for internships through industry partnerships to prepare the students with careers in the esports industry.


The BSE program is expected to produce God-centered, nationalistic, environment-conscious and globally-competitive professionals with wholesome values and attitudes. They will be recognized for their outstanding and innovative contributions in the esports industry, in the service of God and country.

BSE Track 1: Esports Management

This track covers fundamental concepts of Esports management. This is meant to enhance the management and organization, planning and team management, and business skills of the students. The program also enables the students to develop business plans and organize events utilizing online streaming, marketing, and advertising events through digital technology.

BSE Track 2: Game Design and Development

This track covers the concepts, principles, and techniques in design and development grounded on the fundamental knowledge of esports. This aims to develop knowledge and understanding of esports blended with the concept of game design theories and game programming. The program enables the students to enhance creativity and inventiveness in game design and game development.