In order to use the DITO Sim Card, make sure that your location already have DITO Signal. You can check DITO’s coverage here: DITO Network Coverage.

According to an FB Post by Xiaomi by Tekphon, DITO sims will only work on 4G and 5G phones.

First, activate VoLTE for Voice Calls
You can follow the steps here for Android Phones: Activate VoLTE

Then change the APN manually by following these steps:

  1. Insert the DITO sim card
  2. Go to Settings > Sim Settings > Click Dito > Create Apn
  3. Name: Dito Internet
  4. Apn: Internet
  5. Save

Or you can check out this detailed steps on changing or adding APN: Change APN

For iPhone users, change your APN to
Here’s a guide from the Apple website: View and Edit APN

You also have to enable voice over LTE (VoLTE). Here’s how: Enable Volte on iPhone

I also stumbled upon a post in PHcorner on other APN we can use. You can try
Name: DITO

You can buy online through their official flagship store here: LAZMALL