Amin IT Consulting is an IT service provider specializing in network installation, support, consultation, and maintenance.

We support offices in the following areas:

Cybersecurity – Protect the router and the network from hackers and script kiddies. Avoid ddos or dos (distributed denial of service) external attacks to your network.

System Developments – Develop a system or program(app) for your office needs.

Bandwidth prioritization – Your internet can be prioritized for online gaming, or for office-related / enterprise applications.

Multi-WAN – Join multiple internet connections + fail-over. If one connection is down, automatically switch to the other line.

Filter Rules – Filter unwanted websites from your network.

Overall IT Solutions – Give proposals on how to implement new technologies that can be beneficial to your workflows and give consultations on what software or hardware your office should buy.

My team is certified to install computer networks in small offices, multi-family residences, and large institutions such as universities and hospitals.