Tired of Windows nagging you with updates and unwanted features? Introducing Optimizer by hellzerg, the free, lightweight tool that puts you back in control of your PC.

Optimize performance and regain privacy:

  • Boost speed: Disable unnecessary services and telemetry for a smoother, faster experience.
  • Stop the update frenzy: Take control of Windows updates, choosing which ones to install and when.
  • Enhanced security: Fix registry issues and remove unwanted programs for a more secure system.
  • Tailor your experience: Disable Cortana, customize the right-click menu, and even edit your hosts file.
  • Lightweight and efficient: Optimizer is small, fast, and uses minimal resources.

Beyond the basics:

  • Network optimization: Enhance your internet connection for faster browsing and downloads.
  • App management: Easily uninstall UWP apps and manage startup programs.
  • System cleanup: Free up disk space and remove junk files for a cleaner PC.
  • Custom commands: Create shortcuts for frequent tasks and launch them instantly.
  • Silent mode: Run Optimizer discreetly in the background for automated optimization.

More than just tweaks:

Remember, while you can disable automatic updates, regularly checking for and installing security patches is crucial for protecting your system. For manual updates, head over to https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx.

Ready to take control? Download Optimizer for free: https://github.com/hellzerg/optimizer/releases